This month was again full of challenges for the Cassin┬┤s:

Synnco and Pelle pass the Companion dog examn of the German Retriever Club (BHP/B) with both “very good” results – both are judged best dog that day.
Norell passes the German Tollingtest (TP) with “excellent” and also the German hunting examn that officially allows him to join real hunts = JEPs. Addionally he again earns incredible 301 P in Obedience Class1.
Also Joenne passes the JEP.
Kiano and Laura have fun during the huge Tough Hunter Event. Many tasks need to be solved during the entire day – as you can see on the picture the reward is simply a blast. ­čÖé

A huge thanks to all of you for being so busy and making your dogs so happy!