01.08. – 08.08.: The week around this year’s Tollarspecialen in Hishult / Skogaby turns out to be a unique state of euphoria. Close friends, other Nanaimos and I have a blast in quite challenging weather caprioles:

Synnco and Thomas sniff their first Tollarspecialen air without any Jaktprov excitement. A wise decision! In the days before and after they pass Viltsparanlagsklas and their first Viltspar ÖKL examn with a 1st prize! 🙂

Norell and Nicole win the Obedience class 1 with a 1st prize and receive also a 1st price at their first start during Tollingjaktprov NKL. At the show on Sunday Norell makes the cut as 5th best male in a big intermediate class. After Specialen he passes two Viltsparprovs in ÖKL with a first prize + a Price of Honour HP. Woohoo!

Joenne and I get two more 1st prizes (+ Price of Honour HP) at Viltsparprovs ÖKL before and after Specialen. Joenne is now, one day prior to her second birthday, like her mummy Sunnan Swedish gametracking Champion SE VCH! 🙂 During Specialen we earn a 1st price in Tollingjaktprov NKL and receive the Judges Choice by Titti Karlström.

With Sunnan, who is currently hardly trained due to private changes, I dare to enter Tollingjaktprov ÖKL – and my concerns turn out to be completely unfounded. Sunnan is simply having fun and is rewarded with a nice 1st prize which makes me extra proud. My 180%-reliable dog … A video of Sunnan´s work (a little bit shortened) can be seen here. Thanks for filming and cutting dear Nicole! 🙂

Norell and Joenne are 2 of 20 dogs competing for this year’s Junior Tollermaster. During the final on Sunday they were ranked 5th and 7th. The victory goes to a Norwegian kennel (Grattis Johanna! :-)) – for Nicole and me remain honor and joy to be part of it.

And quite “by the way” I also find time, silence and hidden spots for good books and the courage to finally face my pink elephant. It´s a start…

Again my warmest congrats to all my companions and friends. Thank you for your loyalty and your commitment. About these days we will surely continue to tell for a while …