April 8: Nicole and Norell join the JP / R in Hessisch Lichtenau just a few days after Nicole had passed her hunting license. Just as his littermates, Norell chills during the breaks and is concentrated, rocksteady and highly driven in the tasks. In the end he collects 258 points and is, besides a Labrador, awarded best dog of the day. Chapeau Nicole! I am really impressed how versatile, how relaxed and at the same time how successful you are training together!

Exactly one week before, Laura and Kiano also face this test. As absolute “newbies” with little experience, they are on a very good way until the water task. Unfortunately, setting and terrain for Kiano are too difficult and too unusual here. After a long search he finally finds the duck, but then he does not know what to do with it … I hug you Laura! I am very proud and grateful that you have embraced this “new world” and taken it so seriously. The experience will bring Kiano and you even closer together, and this is what ultimately matters right? 🙂