The CassinĀ“s are currently hard to stop: On Sunday, May 07, Andrea and Pelle pass APD/A with flying colours! They earn incredible 79/80 points and take 1st place in the end. Wooohooo!
Also brother Norell is – again… šŸ˜‰ – very busy: On Saturday and Sunday he has fun with Nicole in Obedience 1 and wins both competitions with “excellent”.

Meanwhile Joenne and I have fun in Mid Sweden: On Saturday we take part at the Swedish Mental test BPH which I had wished to see for many years already. Joenne shows off much cooler than I expected. Judge Titti Karlstrƶm especially honours her “great curiosity”. Here you can see her report.
The day after Joenne and I give our debut in viltspar open class. After 17 minutes for a 600 m overnight track Joenne earns a 1st price “excellent” and, additionally, a price of honour = HP. Way to go little Joenne! Thanks for organizing dear Johanna! Like always time with you is simply inspiring and I am very proud to be some kind of part of the gang. šŸ™‚