End of September 2011 my friend Yvonne and I flew to Richmond / Ottawa / Canada and returned with Zuma. She is owned by both Yvonne and me but lives and trains with Yvonne. In 2016 we decided not to breed Zuma.

Yvonne about Zuma:
As one part of my life ended, another began. Zuma fills my life with so much joy and adventure that I am eternally grateful that she is with me. Zuma is a lively, playful and curious little lady, always far up front if there is something to discover or to work.
Zuma carries everything that she can get hold of no matter how heavy, bulky or disgusting it may be. Once a goal in mind, a bomb could strike next to her and it would definitely not distract her. Her constant focus is enormous. But her biggest fun is to run – just for the running´s sake. It is a pleasure to watch her as she flies through the fields with a big smile on her face and a sparkling devil following her close behind.

Zuma seems to have a never ending energy and has to be slowed down from time to time. So this is our most important training approach at the moment: learning patience and giving her ferocity some structure. I was told that this is “typical Canadian”. Woohoo! 🙂

I am so glad that she´s there and I am very excited about what the future with her will bring.
Welcome to my life, little Canadian devil!