As there was only one bitch in out A litter it was clear from the start who would be staying with us. However, had there been more than one girl I´m quite sure that we would have still chosen her.

Élin´s special love to humans became obvious right from the start. Nothing has changed ever since. Quite different from what could be expected from this breed she huddles against anyone who does not actively put her down. Élin is passionate with every cell of her body and her entire soul. Whenever there is an upcoming adventure or even better a chance to work she is at the far front. Her physical radius of activity is large during both work and walk. No doubt Élin is a demanding dog who needs clear orders to the point. But she loves to cooperate and handling her is simply big fun.
To me Élin is the perfect allrounder: Spending her first 5 years as a reliable and highly driven Search and Rescue dog at my side, she is now retrieving both cold and warm game without any difficulties. Offer her something to do – and it will become her passion right from the start. This is due to her general trend towards an excessive lifestyle. Given this character you can imagine how hard it is to make her believe that less can be more sometimes.

Élin is absolutely devoted to her pack but is also very easy going with four-legged guests. She has so far never shown any territorial behavior. The only place she does not like to share is our laps. She is our delight – every day. She is much more of a dog that I ever dared to dream of and we are still very much looking forward to everything to come.