My way to Sunnan (Swedish for “wind from South”) was a stony one. I sincerely thank her breeder Daisy Lindström who endured my tears, my despair and my doubts with warmth and patience and who never lost her trust in me.
Incredibly fast Sunnan has found her place in our pack. It´s as if she had always been with us. She is a very attentive dog. She strives for a complete understanding of everything that comes across and takes her personal timeout for this. At the same time she is an extremely secure, sovereign and friendly dog towards daily life, humans and other dogs.
During work she often seems to be a bit autistic after she has switched on her nose. Then it is quite difficult for me to get through to her – and yes, directions are not our favorite thing to do. But Sunnan works extremely thoroughly, perseveringly and independently and has so far never returned empty, no matter how long it took her.
She is spontaneous with any kind of game, a passionate swimmer and a reliable tracking dog. At home she is a perfect counterpart to Élin, a patient and caring mom for Joenne and defenitely the leader of our pack. After develloping hypothyroidism after her litter in 2015, we decided not to breed her again.