“I am not gone. I am just a little bit ahead.”

Mo was my first Toller. She came to us as the result of my inquiries for a dog to be used for Search and Rescue which is not too heavy in bone. She was of strong personality and extremely self-confident and took especially work very seriously. Her bright intelligence and will to please made her eager to always learn. In training she enforced her own ideas by solving problems. She expected all my trust but we never lost contact.
Amongst people and within daily situations Mo acted friendly and confidently. At home she knew when it was time to rest – but she could also be very convincing in telling us when she had had enough of such rest… Mo taught me not only to follow old paths in training but to open my eyes and mind for new approaches. Our main job was Search and Rescue for the German Red Cross. We both enjoyed Dummy work as an enriching alternative. Mo was everything between dream dog and little devil to me. Breeding with her had never been planned. It was her who made me enter this adventure step by step.

With not even 6 years of age Mo died after a tragic accident. Until now the gap in our hearts still isn´t filled. Mo, we will never forget you. It´s too tough to letting you go.