Fine about Tuula:
For almost three years Tuula keeps my company now – or would it be more precise to say: I keep her company? The little princess is the most wilful dog that I have ever come across. She has an exact plan of how her life should be and constantly pursues her goals. Her biggest “weapon” certainly is her persistent and sometimes even manipulating look. Supported by her intelligence she often surprises me with how far she can actually think. Typical Toller, Tuula doesn’t like direct contact with strangers and escapes such situations whenever possible by simply leaving. When it comes to manipulating her, my biggest helper is food: As soon as there is something to tuck into she is all mine. This circumstance makes it easy to handle her in difficult situations while it also makes it harder to teach her new things at the same time. While being a very sensitive dog, I can take Tuula with me anywhere and she adapts to most situations with great ease. Retrieving and precise nose work especially on tracks are her biggest passions. She works thoroughly and reliably.

To me Tuula is a great and generally easy-to-handle companion who, at the same time, sees through me quite easily – showing me my own behaviour. Thereby she also helps me to work on my own personality step by step which enriches our relationship in a very special way. She won’t stop coming up with new ideas and keeps making people in her surrounding happy over and over again!


HD A2/A2, ED 0/0


Workingtest beginners level 1st place


youth class exc.1 CAC BOS


Pedigree Tuula