Maike about Joenne:
It’s hard to describe Joenne without getting too excited: With currently one year old she is curious, relaxed and happy about simply all people and those four-legged fellows she knows. With unknown dogs she needs her time. In training reliability, endurance and independence of her mother mate with speed and style, will to please and the certain “madness” of her father. For her age she is already immensely self-confident and I have to be aware not pushing her too fast but also not losing control over her.

As her mother she loves swimming even in icy water. Until now she is quiet and steady, but I know that we are moving on a fine line. She picks and delivers any cold game spontaneously and without hesitation. Her favorites are – again quite daughter of her mother – free search and tracking. Joenne, you’re simply amazing and we are happy that you are with us!

HD A1/A1, ED 0/0
PRA clear by parentage
DE clear by parentage
full dentition, correct bite

Swedish Gametracking Basic Examn (Viltspar Anlagsklass)
BPH SVenska Kennelklubben (Swedish Mentaltest)
Swedish Tollingjaktprov NKL 1st price
Viltspar ÖKL several 1st prices + Prices of Honour – Swedish Gametracking Champion = SEVCH

Youth class vg1, Exc.1 CAC BOS, Exc.3, g

Joenne 16 weeks hi lost search
Joenne 7 months tracking
Joenne 10 months over water
Joenne 15 months direction
Joenne 17 months hi lost duck

Pedigree Joenne