The breed convinced me by its versatility, dynamic and will to please. I would like to contribute to the development of the Toller in a small and very well planned scale. I am dedicated to promoting physically and mentally healthy, talented dogs.
While they of course will also meet the requirements set by the standard, I am happy that this standard permits some freedom none the less.

I would like to quote the genetics specialist Hellmuth Wachtel:
„(…) It is genetical nonsens to discard excellent dogs from the breeding program only because they have for example a white spot somewhere it doesn´t belong. Significantly more tolerance is urgently required when it comes to less important characteristics.” (“Hundezucht 2000”, published by Kynos, Germany)”.

Breeding dogs within such a small population is particularly challenging. Without the support of Marianne and Günter Walkemeyer during the early days I would not have dared. Meanwhile I have an excellent network of Toller breeders and friends all over the world and got all my questions answered until now. I strongly believe that transparency and openness will push our breed forward, although this may affect and destroy own plans and dreams.

Naali, Élin, Aidan, Glen