Puppy buyers

At first sight it seems to be an easy thing to find right people for Tollers as this breed is so versatile and pretty. But those who are looking for a small version of a Show Golden will find a major difference. Tollers have a lot to offer, but in return they also ask for a lot. Those who are not willing to value the passion of this breed should choose another kind of dog. We will only give our puppies to those who…

* will respect and treat them as team players and colleagues
* will love to be inspired by their enthusiasm
* will recognize and promote their talents
* will be able to question the way interaction with their dog in order to learn and adopt
* will love and maintain them until their end, irrespective of how healthy, beautiful and successful they have once been.

To us it is important to get into contact with interested folks early on so that both sides will have sufficient time to get to know each other and to build a lasting relationship that will continue beyond the time the puppy will have left our kennel.

Nanaimo Arctic Naali